Not every doll can be a princess.

I haven’t been very active lately, RL comes first, as always. But now Soul has released some very pretty new items, and I’m here to show them to you! I absolutely love this outfit, it’s so different from what I usually wear, but I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. Take a look :D.




Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Candy roots in Baby pink (previous group gift)

Eyes: [okkbye] Incognito Eyes – Hints of mints brown

Skin: Corvus – Amy

Shirt: SOUL. Tank Top in Black

Pants: SOUL. Skinny in Fire

Shoes: -Chandelle in nude (previous group gift)

Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Sweet combo in eyes
L.Fauna: Lipstick in neutral 3 <50L
{moth} Blush – Rose2 (previous group gift)

Accesoires: Indyra Originals Black lace  gloves


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Anything but ordinary.





Lately I’ve started listening to Avril Lavigne again, and the title to one of her songs fits this post, I think. I love the nibble lips I’m wearing here, same goes for the eyebrows, so thick and bushy! Oh and these shoes are toe die for, just as the stockings. The tail is absolutely adorable, just as you could expect from Tentacio!




Hair: .ploom. Lisa in brown

Skin: .::Mother Goose::. Lene <50L

Eyes: {D.A} Lumiere’s green in Mystic green <50L

Shirt: [Corvus] Skull nina top

Pants: Cleo Balloon short zig <50L

Stockings: D-Style Medusa (gift)

Shoes: *COCO* Belted Ankle boots (group gift)

Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Nibble lips vogue <50L
Esk-Imo – Black eyeliner (previous group gift)
Chea Makeup – Parisian Eyebrows in Blackest black

Accesoires: D-Style Medusa – Nose piercing (group gift)
*May’s Soul* Slave jewelry gold – Bracelet and necklace
*Tentacio* Not more bites in blue









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I could just (pork)chop you up, and put you in my bag.

It’s been crazy busy lately and I’m dog tired. So I’m keeping it short. Been a while since I made a post, so here’s something I did in under five minutes or so. Not my best, but it’s something. I recommend everyone to hop over to SOUL for these adorable boots, and while you’re there go on over to Tentacio for the cutest bags in the world! 

Hair: .ploom. Lisa in Brown (Whore Couture Fair 2)

Skin: The Body Co. Ivy in Ivory

Shirt: Poptarts – Meow cropped top <50L

Skirt: Eaters Coma – Flared skirt / orange stripe (old hunt)

Shoes: SOUL. Studded boots in Silver and Grey

Eyes: {D.A} – Injected sombre blue

Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Heavy black – blush eyes
.:Glamorize:. Tint&Gloss – Red tinted gloss

Accesoires: *Tentacio* – Cuqui bag in panda and pig

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At least I’ll go out in style.







It’s early, and I haven’t slept a lot, but thought I’d wip up a quick post as I’ve been a little out of it lately. Somehow I managed to not get the pictures in the right order, but I’ll let it go for now. Next I’ll put up a proper post, haha. So recently I got a new computer, one that works more than fine, and I decided to play around  with shadows in SL. And as for the post, this adorable dress is by Soul. And the shoes I’m wearing had been sitting in my inventory for forever, this is actually the first time I’m wearing them!






Hair: [E] Early in Brown

Skin: :GP: Party girl megapack in Moonbeam [dark] Party Rave girl 1 <50L

Eyes: Mayfly Deep Skye eyes in Crystal Sea

Dress: Soul Lia dress in Aqua

Shoes: [ROLY-POLY] Josephine – Teal green

Makeup: ROZENA Kisskiss Dolce

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Please, no pictures today.

So, Tentacio has some great stuff, as per usual. When I first saw these pants I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a look with it, but in the end I think it turned out to be really nice. A friend learned me to do shadows, so I’m going to experiment with that from now on, I think its pretty neat. So, on to more things that you should know. The same friend I noted before, started making stuff, last post you could see her tights, this post are the eyes. Adorable! But wait, there’s more. Another friend of mine that started with making stuff a while ago now has these really cute purses. So yeah, just check it out 😀



Hair: [E] Falling in red

Skin: Mother Goose Suzanne (1L gift)

Eyes: [okkbye] Incognito eyes in Weedy green and Blue mint

Shirt: Schadenfreude White oxford shirt

Pants: *Tentacio* Audry pants in white

Shoes: U.One Diva pump in blue <50L

Makeup: Cheap Makeup Parisian eyebrows in blackest black

ROZENA Kiss kiss in dolce

Accessoires: [monso] My bunny band (gift)

.Olive. the Tickle my bow shoulder bag in silver&green

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We don’t need no pants when we have fashion.

Hi! This came out way later than I wanted it to be, but you know how it goes, rl and a crappy laptop make a great combination. Anyway, my friend recently started making her own stuff, some of what I’m wearing for this post. As you may also have noticed, I’m not wearing pants. Why? Because I couldn’t really find anything to go with it, and I really liked it without them. And then there’s a lot of new stuff for Tentacio and May’s Soul as well, so I recommend that you check it out!




Hair:  Happy 2013 by Truth (group gift)

Skin: Mother Goose LENE (LB)

Sweater: Tully sweater by *Tentacio*

Leggings: Flower patterned tights in Flowery leaves by [okkbye]

Shoes: SL Fashion Week gift by [whatever]

Makeup: Parisian eyebrows by Cheap Makeup

Kisskiss lipcreme by *Eyelure*

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I’ll wait right here.







As of today my laptop decided to work against me. I took the full body shot over and over again, but it kept turning out like this, so I gave up and went ahead with it. But! On to the good news. Me and my friend were hunting for some cool stuff, and oh did we find somethings! Half of what I have isn’t in the post, but I’m sure it’ll come at a later time. For now a lot of freebies, and otherwise cheap stuff. Before I show you where I got everything, I need to talk about the eyes.
Mayfly, the most wonderful eyes in SL, beautiful and affordable! Also, there’s a lucky chair at Mayfly, and you can get a wonderful set of brown eyes, so if I were you I’d hurry over there!


Hair: Analog Dog Hair – Mint Earth <50L

Skin: :GP: Party girl megapack in Moonbeam [dark] Party Rave girl 1 <50L

Eyes: Mayfly Deep skye eyes in Ultraviolet Pitch

Top: Emery – Xmas gift (both top and pants) <50L

Shoes: [CHANDELLE] Pumps  (previous group gift)

Makeup: +Half-Deer+ Warpaint face tattoo <50L

L.Fauna lashes in pretty and underlashes

ROZENA – KissKiss Dolce

Accessoires: The necklace is from the Eugin Camisk by * May’s Soul*

Keshie – Jangle bangle (group gift)

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