It’s a kind of magic.

Wizarding Faire has begun! I’m stoked to show off all these goodies, and there will probably follow more posts with all these great items from the faire, as I couldn’t possibly fit everything into one post. All of the designers and staff have worked so hard to make this happen, and it turned out absolutely fantastic, and there’s not a faire or event I love better. My apologies in advance for the many pictures, but it’s way too much to fit into one picture.










Hair: LoQ Shaved hairbase in Black
Eyes: {D.A} Sorrow Eyes in Blue
Skin: The body Co. Mint in fair
Uniform: FATEplay Donald in black
Shoes: Vintage Sneakers in Black
Accesoires: FATEplay scarf
Essences: A shift in time necklace
Miamai Maganimals in Hedgehorn Blue
*BOOM* Swish and Flick in Oak 11 1/2 inch

Props: Amala – Suitcase
[okkbye] Wizard books in Property of the halfblood prince, You have your mothers eyes, The life and lies of Alpus Dupledore, History of Magic.
:{Atomic}: Cauldron and Ingredient Jars
Collage – Wizarding Shelf



Hair: Faenzo – UFFIE in Platinum
Eyes: {D.A} Sorrow eyes in Brown
Skin: Elysium – Lana in Pale 1
Shirt: Peqe – Wizarding Sweater in Gray
Skirt: (TokiD) le frills skirt in Black
Socks: -paper.doll- Kneehighs in Black
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Batty shoes in Black/Silver
Accesoires: Miamai Maganimals in Piglet snow
Noodles – Looney Radish Earrings
Noodles – Quirky Cork necklace
*BOOM* Swish and Flick in Applewood 12 1/8 inch
Auxiliary – Old leather satchel in Maroon


Props: *MishMish* Phoenix
[okkbye] Wizarding Books in Four Houses



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Hands and faces.

Wizarding Faire is coming up! It begins October 4th to October 6th, be there!
The photo is a bit messy, but trying to stuff everything in there comes with a prize.



Hair: [BURLEY] Stacia 2 in  Brown

Eyes: {D.A} Sorrow eyes in Brown

Skin: Jahaira Swallow in Peach

Top: *Tentacio* Dora Vest in Black

Pants: .{PSYCHO.Byts}. Skinny jeans in Acid Wash

Shoes: Retro’ Liberty Heel in Black

Makeup: [okkbye] Parted Lips [1]

Accessorizes: [The Forge] Celtic Headband in Bronze
{Sleepy Eddy} Pocket watch necklace in Bronze

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Fields of gold.

I keep re-inventing myself, in every single way. And so too in SL, with what I wear, the make-up I put on, the shapes I make. So for this post I wanted to do something that strayed from what I usually like, or as I call it -my safety bubble- and when looking at the result, I think it’s a good idea. I love the gold-themed picture, big earrings, yellow nearly golden lip layer, everything golden! Personally I think we shouldn’t stay the same for too long, it gets old and there is so much to discover, things you didn’t know you liked, even.  COCO has some new group gifts, Tentacio and May’s Soul also brought out new stuff, and most of it I’m showing here. Oh and don’t forget! The Wizarding Faire is coming up in October! It’s a great event, with even greater designers, brought to you by Mischief Managed, my one and only Roleplay sim. The event is open on 6 October, so I do suggest that you go and take a look when the time is there.




Hair: >TRUTH< Luna in Champagne

Skin: :GP: Petal Frex [Light] Party girl in Pure

Eyes: {D.A} Shattered in Plant

Shirt: *COCO* Cropped Top in Black <Group gift

Shorts: *Tentacio* Animal Culottes in Fox Red

Socks: .::Mother Goose’s::. Knee socks set in C1

Makeup: L.Fauna Lashes in False and Underlashes
.:Glamorize:. Tint and Gloss

Accesoires: U.One Laysa <Old gift from Mother’s Day
*May’s Soul* Immoe Chain Face in Silver

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Let me start off with the Eaters Coma hair, I can’t get enough of it, and I wear it pretty much all the time. Dem colors. So today features a new top by Imagine, fresh from the press. Shorts I’ve had in my inventory for forever, and recently started wearing. A dog in a bag, and shoes I forgot I owned. All makeup worn is by Glamorize, totally fab and super cheap! They eyes are from Dead Apples, which I love and will forever wear as long as I’m on SL. 

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Self-Destruct Personality.

I have been gone for way too long when I didn’t even want to. Thing is that I scored myself a job irl, and it takes up a shitload of time. I do, however, try to get back with all the blogging, as I do love it. Maybe pick up on photoshop some more? Who knows! Anyway, here’s an adorable top from Imagine, pretty much the same as what I just bought irl. The boots are a groupgift from flf, and totally worth checking it out. Necklace is part from an outfit by Mays Soul. Hair is a Coma Eaters freebie, so definitely check that out as well, while you’re at it. For now that’s it, I guess.


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A daydream away.

Hey there! All of you know Soul. Right? Of course you do. Soul. has now changed the name of her store to Imagine. So naturally I’m featuring one of her items, this awesome high-waisted skirt, what goes along great with a simple button up top, and a very rockstar like purse from Tentacio! I absolutely love this outfit, and if it weren’t for all of my other awesome clothes, I’d wear this every single day.




Hair: Taketomi – BOM in Blacks

Skin: Corvus – Amy

Eyes: {D.A} Shattered in Plant

Shirt: **DP** yumyum

Skirt: IMAGINE (Previously Soul.) High waisted skirt in Cross

Socks: -paper.doll- Kneehighs in black

Shoes: Slouchy Leather Boots (previous group gift)

Make up: *Eyelure* KissKiss in Love Pink

Accesoires: *Tentacio* Glam bag music in Blue

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Me, the Queen




The arcade is back! So of course I went there, and got these adorable shoes, even with the rare spikes, how lucky is that? I’ve had some difficulty putting together this outfit, because Soul has brought out some amazing new clothes, and it’s hard to wear and blog everything at once, so here is my absolute favorite shirt! Tentacio came out with the cutest bag ever, with a lot of different colors and even some cute patterns, go check those out right now, you will not regret going there! That’s all for now, and lm’s will be added later on.





Hair: [E] Conclusion – in firey reds

Skin: Corvus – Amy

Eyes: {D.A} Shattered in Plant

Shirt: SOUL Hemp top grey

Leggings: [Okkbye] Leo kneepad tights in Mint

Shoes: (fd) Bossy boots floral pink+orange (From the Arcade!)

Makeup: ..::N::.. Smokey Black
[Okkbye] Nailpolish Black ‘n green
.:Glamorize:. Nibble lips in Cherry

Accesoires: *Tentacio* Spring bag in Navi

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